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With Mark Dyson, Managing Director May 12, 2006

Market rises against stronger dollar

DESPITE the rise in the Australian dollar, the eastern market indicator climbed 7 cents per kilogram this week to close at 713c/kg.

A smaller offering combined with quick shipments was most likely the reason for such a rise.

Of the 50,109 bales offered, only 13 per cent was passed in - obviously indicating the good market results.

Most Merino fleece wools increased in value, while remaining wools remained solid.

Southern region

ALL Merino fleece wools strengthened, with wools finer than 20 micron receiving higher premiums.

Merino skirtings remained firm early in the week and increased slightly on the last sale day.

Crossbred fleece wools remained solid on a noticeably reduced offering, while cardings were slightly weaker overall.

The gap between premium wools and poor wools continued to widen.

Another relatively small offering of about 58,000 bales has been rostered for sale next week in all three centres.

Little market change is anticipated.

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Mark Dyson, Managing Director
Mark Dyson
Managing Director

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